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Keep your premises safe during the Christmas shutdown

19th December 2017

With the holidays fast approaching, a lot of businesses close their premises over the Christmas break, here are some tips to consider to ensure your premises are safe and secure, allowing you to enjoy your time off:

Check all your security systems
Ensure that all doors, gates and windows are securely shut and locked. Before closing down the premises, check your fire alarms and intruders alarms are working correctly.

Security Lights
Intruders are generally put off if they think the premises is occupied, or at least visits to site are being made regularly. External security lighting can put thieves off trying to enter the premises. You could also consider fitting timers to your lights, so lights go on and off throughout the day and evening.

Cash and Valuables
If you have cash on your premises, make sure the cash container is out of sight and correctly and securely installed and any cash is kept securely in a safe. Keep high value items out of the sight of ground floor windows. If vehicles are left on the premises, make sure they have been emptied of any valuables and that they are locked and secure. Keep the keys in a safe or take them off site.

Fire Risk
Before you secure your premises, ensure all electrical items have been properly turned off and that fire escape routes are not blocked, and fire doors are closed throughout the premises. Reduce the risk of arson by securing any waste materials such as timber, fuels, packaging, cardboard etc. Keep bins in a secure area.

We hope you have a very safe and enjoyable break.

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